Coupon Clicking

Yes! Coupon Clipping has been replaced by Coupon Clicking!

Those glossy newspaper and magazine ads have been replaced by a much more enviromentally friendly and portable version of couponing. In-app.

Chances are that your grocery store now has an app. And chances are that within that app is a plethora of recipes, store locations, and perhaps a catering option. My favorite, though, is when they have coupons there that you can link to your store loyalty card.

In just a few minutes of browsing, I am able to click through hundreds of coupons, load them directly to my Giant Bonus Card, and save.

And they are good coupons! Sometimes you can find a $5 off in the meat department or $2 off in the produce department if you spend $10.

The really fun part is when the check out person is totalling your order. I say to myself (“Go Go GO!”) as each coupon is taken off one by one and my total goes down, down, down.

So check out the App Store or Google Play for your Grocery Store of choice. See if you can link your loyalty card to it, and start saving!