Subscribe and Save – Set it but don’t forget it!

One of the really great things about Subscribe and Save through Amazon is that the products you love are delivered right to your door in the timeframe that you request. It really does make life easier to get a month’s supply of diapers… and just when you are about to run out – – “Ding Dong” — there they are on your front porch.

But I advise you to take that extra step to review your subscriptions every month. Amazon sends an email reminding you that your subscription is going to be filled for the month. This is your opportunity for several things:

1) Review for pricing

For as good as Amazon is about pricing, sometimes things happen and the price you were expecting to pay is not the current price. It could be that:

1) the price simply increased – It happens all the time.

2) your initial discount ended – Say you clipped a 20% coupon which was valid for your first delivery only. Perhaps without that extra 20% the product is just not worth it to you

2) Review for availability

Usually if your item becomes unavailable, Amazon will let you know. They will offer you a similar item as replacement or it will remain an inactive subscription. Here’s the important thing: If you are taking advantage of Subscribe and Save’s 15% off of 5 items or more, this *might* drop you down below that 5 item threshold. I’d hate for you to miss out on an extra discount because you didn’t review the subscription count, especially if there is a product that could easily fill that gap.

3) Review for discounts

Sometimes you get lucky and the item that you already plan to purchase has a new coupon attached to it. Clicking each product in your S&S list might reveal a coupon that you are eligible for. You might save yourself a few extra dollars in coupons for 30 seconds of time reviewing.


And don’t forget – – Subscribe and Save is so much better when you have Prime
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