Favorite Baby Registry Items

See below for my favorite baby registry items.

What It Is: Sound Machine
Why You Need It: Keep baby sleeping soundly with a white noise machine. It will not only simulate the sound from inside the womb, but it will also protect baby from the noises from elsewhere in the house. This is a must have for babies with toddler older brothers/sisters who may not understand that it’s quiet time for baby.

What It Is: Summer Infant SwaddleMe blankets
Why You Need It: Swaddling is hard. Especially for beginners. Take the guesswork out of swaddling with these blankets. It still takes a little practice, but your little burrito will soon be sleeping soundly in a nice tight swaddle.

What It Is: Convertible Car Seat
Why You Need It: Your child must be rear facing in his/her car seat until after age 2 according to the law in many states. Convertible car seats will fit your child from newborn well past toddlerhood. Check the individual car seats for their size and weight recommendations. We have the Britax Marathon for DD1 and love it.

What It Is: Rock and Play Sleeper
Why You Need It: This is where DD2 slept for the first few weeks. It was a space saver and safe place to put her down. And now it comes with an automatic rocking mechanism. This would completely replace the need for a bulky swing. Rock and Plays fold up quickly and can be carried with one hand. We had one on each floor of our house.

Create your registry on Amazon. Check out my post about the free “Welcome Baby” Box I received: here.