Free eBooks and Audiobooks Through Your Local Library

Are you a book lover but don’t always have time to make it to the book store or library. Before you place that Amazon eBook/Audiobook order,
did you know you can borrow FREE eBooks and audiobooks through your local library?

One of the books I had been meaning to read is “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” By: Marie Kondo. If you know me, stop laughing… I am NOT a great housekeeper. (Ok, you can laugh a little).

I heard so many wonderful things about this book, its method, and how it has helped people live clutter-free lives. My feeling though, was that this would be another book that I would order and probably not read. It would sit on a shelf BEING clutter – constantly reminding me that I had clutter. Reading is a luxury that this Mama does not take advantage of as often as I would like. But then I had a thought… Audiobook.

Free Vs Buying

I probably don’t have to tell you that Free is better than Buying. If you clicked the link to purchase this item from Amazon, you’d see that the Price is something like this (At the time of this article’s publishing)

  • Hardcover: $10.19
  • Paperback: $7.72
  • Kindle Version: $9.99
  • Audiobook: $24.99
  • Borrowing from my local library’s digital collection: FREE

Tidying While Learning to Tidy

Back to the book – – I logged on to my local Library’s Online eBook/Audiobook Collection. All I needed was my library card to log in. I could use my computer or download the app called OverDrive. I found the eBook version of my title, but the waiting list was several people long. Thankfully the Audiobook was available. I loaded it on my phone, put on my head phones, and listened intently as I worked on tidying my craft room during nap time.

Life Lesson

It took me a few days of nap times to finish the book and I learned some interesting things about clutter, letting things go and organizing my life more effectively. I will not show you a picture of my craft room because that is a several week undertaking that is still not done. But I will write soon about how I applied the method to the shoes in our house with great success (And easily engaged my 6 year old to help).

Find a Great Book For Free

If you are local to MamaSavesALot, click here to check out the Library’s e-Collection:

You’ll see links to

  • Carbon-Lehigh Downloadable Library (eBooks and Audiobooks)
  • EBSCOHost (eBooks including Textbooks)
  • Hoopla (Audiobooks, movies, tv shows, and music)

If not, check out your own local library for access to their electronic collection.

It’s an easy, free way to learn a new skill, find a new author, or relax with a great story.


If you are looking for a new eReader, check out the most popular Kindles here: