Staying Comfortable During Dress Season

I was scrolling my Facebook feed today and saw a post from a woman asking about “thigh rub” when wearing summer skirts. For those of us not blessed with a gap the size of Tallahassee, wearing a dress or a skirt when the weather gets nice can range from uncomfortable to downright painful. Here are some tips  I collected from them – and my own experience – on staying comfortable during dress season.

Body Glide

Many of the women were swearing by this “Body Glide” for her. It’s supposed to put a barrier on your skin to eliminate chafe. It supposedly lasts all day and is sweat proof. It’s also interesting because it comes in a stick like deodorant does. So you won’t get any on your hands. Try it here for $7.99 for a .8 oz stick – Body Glide for Her. If it works correctly, you can have breezy comfort all day – staying cool, dry, and comfortable.

Bike Shorts

I usually swear by my Jockey Skimmies – they are kind of like Lycra bicycle shorts. They provide just the right amount of protection without being too long or moving around too much. You can find them in pretty much every major department store. Here’s a link to Bonton offering them for about $22 each. They often have coupons, so you can get a bargain and save a few dollars. They have ones with a control top as well if you want your tummy to look a little slimmer. I think that something like Spanx, though, would negate the easy, comfy feeling of wearing a skirt or dress in the beautiful weather.

Thigh Bands

I usually wear the Jockey Skimmies product  – but…

Don’t get me wrong. I love them. They work. There are 2 problems with them.

1) They are not very breathable and

2) They are REALLY not pretty.

You may say “Who is going to see them? Who cares if they are pretty?” I concede that, in theory, they will not be seen. But if I am walking around in a pretty floral skirt in summer, I don’t want to be wearing “grandma” underwear underneath (No offense to Grandmas). I don’t want to be concerned that my flesh-colored bike shorts are going to be seen by the world should my skirt have any kind of malfunction.

So in skimming through this Mommy Facebook Page Post, I came across an endorsement for a product called Bandalettes. They are thigh undergarments that eliminate any discomfort from thigh rub. The lace is pretty, flirty, and is extremely breathable and is held in place by two silicone bands on each leg. These seem epicly less embarrassing to accidentally expose and I can feel confident and sexy in my summer skirts and dresses. Here is the Amazon link – Just $17.95 per pair. Bandalettes

How do you avoid discomfort during skirt season? Hit me up with a comment below!

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