Quick Tips for Buying 2 Baby Gear Items at a Time

We are a 2-car family and we use both cars enough that we need a car seat for each child in each car.
That also means that when I am replacing a car seat (due to weight/height/expiration) I am buying 2 car seats at once. And wow, does that get expensive. If you plan ahead a little, you can save a little bit of $ to help offset that large upfront cost.

These quick tips apply to all baby gear where you might need 2:

  • 2 car seats – one for each car or an extra one for grandparents or caretaker’s car
  • 2 Pack ‘N Plays – one for home and one for the grandparent’s or caretaker’s house
  • 2 Rock & Plays – one for each floor of your home (this is an amazing help)
  • Everything if you have twins 🙂


Obviously, if you see your item go on sale, jump on that right away. Even if purchasing both new car seats at once is not in the budget, you can at least get a discount on one of them. Following a Deal Finder like MamaSavesALot will help notify you of price drops and discounts. You can also message me to tell me which seats/items you are looking at. I will help track them for you and tag you in any deals I find.

Shop “Store Cash” Stores

Stores like Kohl’s often offer $10 “Kohl’s Cash” for every $50 you spend. Usually the Kohl’s Cash is usable within 2 weeks of the purchase date for a period of 7 days. So, for example: Today is May 12th. The Kohl’s Cash for this time period is valid from May 22 – 29. If I purchase my car seat today, I can get the second one using the Kohl’s Cash I earned with the 1st seat 10 days from now – which is totally doable. If my car seat was $100, I would earn $20 in Kohl’s Cash on the first one and pay only $80 for the second one. That’s a 10% discount.

Be Flexible

Being flexible on the color/pattern of your item will also help save money when you are purchasing. Particularly on Amazon and Target’s sites, there are certain patterns that will be on sale for a deeper discount than others. If you are able to compromise on the color, you can save sometimes $20 each on the item. When a color is being discontinued and the manufacturer/store discounts it, it’s a bonus for you. Make sure you click through all of the colors to see if any of them are cheaper. If the all black version is cheaper, go with that one!


I hope these little tips helped you with your search for your 2-at-a-time baby gear items. Don’t forget to like/follow me on Facebook for daily deals at MamaSavesALot.