Peapod Grocery Delivery: A review

You know when  you just had a baby and you would give anything to get out of the house and socialize? No? Yeah, me neither. I personally wanted to hide away in my home with my little nugget as much as possible. Especially those first few weeks where you are still in pain and recovering from having a tiny human come out of your body. The thought of going to the grocery store gave me more anxiety than I could bear. I was an exhausted, emotional, leaking mess.

More than a few times, I enlisted Peapod to deliver my groceries to my home. With gratefulness, I shopped from my couch and had someone collect everything into bags and place those bags neatly in my kitchen for me. Let me give you the play-by-play and consider treating yourself to this fabulous service.

Sign up

Head over to Peapod’s website and enter  your zip code. Based on your location, Peapod will choose the store that will complete your order. In my case, being in Eastern PA, Giant Food Store is my Peapod provider. Complete the registration by entering your email address and creating a password. Don’t forget to link your grocery store card to the Peapod account – since you can earn gas rewards through this service.

Discount/Free Delivery Offers

Keep  your eyes open while you are on the site for the various discount and free delivery offers. One such offer that I found for new members is using code AFF20FD – That will get your $20 off of your first order of $75 or more + Free Delivery (This code was valid at the time this article was published. Check MamaSavesALot Deal Section for currently available Peapod coupons.)


Add items to the cart as you would if you were shopping. There are options to search as well as browse the aisles. When you have already shopped Peapod, you will also see Past Purchases, which makes it really easy to re-order things that you have ordered before. You can also add items to your “Favorites,” so they are also ready to re-order quickly and easily.

You may see different sale prices and promotions in store than on Peapod, but I do find that the prices are quite comparable. Your groceries are not coming directly from your local store, but rather from the distribution warehouse, so items may be in stock in your store, but not in stock on Peapod and vice versa.

Your order must add up to $60 to be eligible for delivery.

Oops, I forgot something

Don’t worry. You can add to or subtract from your order up until midnight the night before delivery. You can also add/change a coupon code after your order has been submitted.


If you order is over $100, the fee to deliver is $7.95, which, I believe, is completely reasonable. Think about the hour+ that you just saved yourself lugging you baby/toddler/big kid to the store (As I am sure you know, Mama, the grocery store is the prime opportunity for kids to cause trouble. Whether it’s a tantrum over a candy bar or having to go to the bathroom 6 times, or they are all out of those adorable but impossible to push race car carts… it’s a stressful event. ) Free delivery is available for those who just signed up and occasionally for those of us who are loyal customers. The $7.95 includes:

  1. Someone shopping for your items and bagging them for you.
  2. Someone driving said bags to your home
  3. The driver placing said bags in your home at the location you choose (I always have mine walked right to my kitchen counter so I can put them away.
  4. Not seeing anyone you know at the grocery store when you are unshowered and have spit up all over your shirt.

You choose a 2 hour delivery window. (Or, they sometime offer a wider window and offer your a few dollars off. An example: If you choose delivery between 4 and 10pm, you might save $2 on delivery charges)


There is a place for a tip for your driver on the bill. I always tip $5 – My house is not particularly hard to get into (just 3 steps in the front). I usually have a lot of bags because most of my orders are $100+. You may choose to tip based on the service you receive, the difficulty of the navigation to your front door, a percentage of your bill, or the complexity/size of your order. Use your judgement.


If I have convinced you to try Peapod, please click my referral link here : Peapod Referral

Don’t forget the promo code AFF20FD – That will get your $20 off of your first order and free delivery

Or, For existing Customers: $25 off each of your next 2 orders with code: 25OFFJUNE


Did you use a grocery delivery service when your little were born, or when life got a little hectic? What did you think?


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