Gymboree Back-2-School Must Haves!

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I cannot believe that July is almost over! August is in sight and September and Back-2-School are on the horizon.

Not every kid is excited to hit the books again when summer is done, but I think most kids will agree that Back-2-School shopping is a good time. New clothes, backpacks, pencils, and the promise of another awesome school year.

I was browsing Gymboree’s site to check out the amazing end of summer deals when I happened upon the Back To School Collection. Here are some MUST HAVES (in my humble opinion)

Flip Sequin Shirts

My almost 7 year old is ALL about this new tee shirt rage. Basically, you have a sequin design and, by smoothing your hand across them to flip them over, you can reveal a different image underneath. There are several of these styles available – Who doesn’t love rainbow hearts and sequins?  Your little one will be the hit of the playground with this “magical” shirt. Click the image to shop the displayed shirt. Shop all of the *Sparkle* Looks here > Sparkle Shop

Character Tops

How cute are these tops in TONS of different character designs. From Star Wars to Ninja Turtles and so many more, your little one will look “MARVEL-ous” (did you see what I did there?) in these Tees. I especially like the hooded BB8. Check out the Boys Character Shop.






Uniform Central

If your little one has a uniform requirement, Gymboree offers affordable, high quality pieces for Boys and Girls. Because uniforms are worn every day, they lower quality items tend to show wear quickly: Especially on the knees and cuffs. Avoid having to replace items mid year – and even possibly have some great hand-me-downs for siblings.

Select items have a technology called Nanotex which resists wrinkles and is easier to clean.

Shop the Uniform Store for Girls and Boys.

Quality Basics

Speaking of quality and durability, you would be hard pressed to find a better, affordable, durable kids clothing line than Gymboree’s. We have many articles of clothing that have been passed through my family – through 3 or more kids – that still look like they are brand new. If you are looking for hand-me-down quality basics for your kid, check out the Back-2-School Basics for Boys and Girls.

And while you are in there Shopping the awesome Back-2-School bargains, check out the summer season clearance! Up to 70% off! 

What are your favorite back-2-school brands? Do you love Gymboree like I do? Leave me a message about it 🙂