Top 10 Things to Buy at a Kids’ Consignment Sale

Maintaining kids’ “stuff” should be considered a full-time job. I mean, rotating out kid gear is practically ENDLESS. Between clothes, shoes, and toys, kids grow out of things just so darn fast! I spent hours this week pulling out 18 month clothes, unearthing 24 month clothes, and searching the basement for additional age appropriate toys for my 21 month old. A great way to avoid high priced (short-lived) items is to buy at large-scale consignment sales like the Just Between Friends Sale happening in Allentown, PA – Sept 13 – 16. Let me give you a top 10 of items to buy when you are shopping a Kids’ Consignment Sale. 

1. Seasonal clothing

Right now is the time to buy Winter clothing – long sleeves, sweaters, jeans, winter coats, snow pants, hats/gloves, etc. There are so many reasons to buy winter clothing from consignment sales. Snow pants is one of my favorite. How many times are you going to go out in the snow to justify that $75 pair of snow pants that last 4-5 months? Buy consigned and save that money to buy some cocoa with marshmallows for when they come in from the cold 🙂
(newborn through juniors sizes available)

2. Shoes

Extra sneakers. Fancy dress shoes. Snow boots. Many of which look brand new or only worn once. I always make a face when buying fancy shoes for a holiday and they end up only wearing them once – or literally for 3 minutes when walking in and out of the house when we are out visiting. Save yourself a chunk of change and check out a consignment sale.

3. Baby carriers and diaper bags

You can find brand name carriers and diaper bags when shopping a consignment sale – those are expensive brand new! And if you are not sure what kind of carrier or diaper bag size you are looking for, go ahead and try one on. Not sure if you can master that super-long piece of fabric Moby wrap? Give it a go (I promise, they do work). Want to up your game with an Ergo 360, but don’t like the full-price price? You’ll find deep discounts at a consignment sale.

4. Toys

Consignment sales are maybe the best place to get toys. Sales like Just Between Friends are brimming with toys for all ages and well-organized at that. We have so many consignment toys at home. Whether you are looking for infant toys or those for older kids, you can find just about everything your kiddo could want!

5. Puzzles, books, games

If you ask me, one of the best ways to spend a snow day is with a stack of puzzles, books, and games. Grab some new-to-you boredom busters for the kids this winter. You may also be able to score a great Christmas present or two in the process!

6. Baby equipment – pack n plays, strollers, swings, jumpers, walkers

Another instance where there are so many reasons to have more-than-one of these items. Having a spare pack-n-play, stroller, or jumper for Grandma’s house is a lifesaver when visiting with family. In my own house, it was two rock and plays when my baby was little. The convenience of having one on each floor of the house was worth it to me, to not have to lug it up and down the stairs – But it is a limited use item (only a few months). Grab a gently used one at a consignment sale and save some $.

7. Electronics

You wouldn’t always think of finding video game systems, games, and handheld devices at a consignment sale, but that’s the amazing thing about Just Between Friends. They have all ages of kids covered with their stock of electronics!

8. Room decor

If you are decorating the nursery on a budget, consigning will afford you the opportunity to build your dream nursery at a fraction of the price. Bedding sets, decorations, frames, albums, and much, much more.

9. Feeding/bathing supplies

Bottles, cups, baby bullets, towels, bath toys, etc, these are all also limited use items. This is the perfect opportunity to save some money on items that will have a short life in your home. Why buy new when you can buy gently used?

10. BRAND NEW Melissa and Doug

Just Between Friends is carrying a huge selection of Brand New Melissa and Doug items during their sale, everything 25% off retail. Great birthday and Christmas gifts to squirrel away.

Just Between Friends Sale Details

If you are interested in shopping the Just Between Friends Sale in Allentown, here is he information below. MamaSavesALot will also be giving away 2 pairs of *Prime Time* tickets on Facebook on Monday, September 11 at 9PM. For details and to enter, click here!

Also, look out for my LIVE sneak peek video next Tuesday on Facebook 🙂

Shop September 13-16

Lou Ramos Center – 1344 N Sherman Street, Allentown


FREE general admission tickets, or purchase a pre-sale ticket to shop before 2,000 other shoppers for the BEST selection!


Thank you to Just Between Friends Allentown Sale for sponsoring this post and providing content for the sale items available. All opinions are my own.