Subscribe & Save Shenanigans

I was reviewing my Amazon Subscribe & Save list today and realized there were a few items that we either had WAY too many of or no longer needed. I went searching in the Subscribe & Save Store to see what else I could add to maintain my 5 item 15% discount.

Whoa, what happened?

When I try to add an item to Subscribe & Save, I get this:

It seems to me that Amazon has finally caught up with those who order an item on Subscribe & Save for the great discount, and then cancel as soon as it ships.  So, Amazon is now offering 5% off on your first order and then giving you the full 15% off on subsequent orders. For those of us loyal to Subscribe & Save, this is a definite annoyance. Now, I can’t add new items to my S&S for next month on the fly. It’s impossible to add a new S&S item to my next order.

I suppose it’s nice that I don’t have to wait for my monthly delivery for an S&S item. But I would rather have to wait and save the extra 10%.

What you can do

There are 2 things you can do if you find yourself without the requite 5 items to max out the percentage off.

  1. REACTIVATE – Go into your cancelled subscriptions and reactivate. I was able to find an item that I cancelled that I do still need. It put it right into my next order without making me do 5% purchase.
  2. REARRANGE – Rearrange your S&S orders so that a subsequent month’s item moves up to the current month. Hopefully, you don’t have to keep chasing the 5 item S&S discount by moving one item up, but it is a way to eliminate the problem.


Another sad change to my beloved S&S program. I do love the convenience of being able to schedule my frequently used items, but I will be watching out for the next change and make a decision on continuing at that point. For me, this is not a deal breaker, but definitely a disappointment.


How do you feel about it? Comment below.