3 Recommendations For Your New Swing Set

There is nothing like having a play structure in your own backyard. Personally, I love having the kids in my backyard where I can chaperone. (Ok – I’m a control freak – I admit it). I have some great suggestions when it comes to choosing a play structure. Read on to see my 3 Recommendations For Your New Swing Set.

1 – Materials Matter

When you are spending $1000+ on a swing set/play structure, it needs to last. Take my advice and spend the extra money to get either a polymer coated or vinyl coated swing set. Wooden ones (including cedar) need to be stained every few years to keep looking nice. They are prone to splinters and can be home to carpenter bees. Polymer coated structures are 100% splinter free and low maintenance! They will not chip, crack, rot or peel and are UV stabilized! Polymer coating will cost a couple hundred dollars, but is so worth it to not have to keep staining an intricate wooden set. Completely vinyl clad swing sets can add another $1000 to your set, so polymer coating is an excellent, affordable choice. We have a polymer coated set and it still looks brand new.

2 – Buy up (slightly)

I recommend buying up ever-so-slightly. If you have a swing set in your yard, you are likely to attract at least one neighborhood kid to come over to swing. One extra swing spot or one extra feature on your set will eliminate some of the drama around who gets a turn on which swing or who is climbing the rock wall vs sliding down the fireman’s pole. Even adding a simple accessory like a Ship Wheel or a Telescope will eliminate some drama for little cost.

3 – Consider Installing Yourself

This is only for the truly brave 🙂 But, MamaSavesALot did put together her own Play Set for the kids. The photo of mine is below.  It took me 3-4 full days and (of course) I needed some help for the Swing Bar, but 90% of it I did myself. I am pretty handy but, still, all of the neighbors were impressed with this 5’6″ Mama! The instructions were great for my set and the hardware came nicely separated into steps for me. It was a savings of about $400-500. If you are NOT handy, you’ll probably save more money in hospital bills if you DO pay someone $400-$500 to install it for you 🙂

Did you know that Amazon sells swing sets AND offers professional installation. I really recommend the KidWise Congo brand. Check it out here:

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