Tidy Living – A Review

Last week, I announced a deal from a website called Tidy Living. I would love to say that my house looks like one of the showcase HGTV homes, but, let’s face it – I have kids and I spend a chunk of my day looking for deals for you all. Organization is something that I have struggled with my whole life. I had a not so nice nickname growing up related to my lack of cleaning skills – No. I will not share what it was. #scarredForLife

Sometimes the deals that I post are too overwhelmingly good for me not to take advantage of myself. Sometimes I wonder if I have spent more money than I have made in the last 3 months since I started doing this. One thing is for sure though, I do find some stellar deals. I was enticed by the Tidy Living deal, their website, and blog. Their sale section was looking good to me AND I found a coupon (YAY!) AND free shipping (Double YAY!). So let me show you want I got for $52.70.

These are the standard sized 10.5” W x 10.5” D x 11” H cube drawers. It’s $5 for TWO!!

I ordered 2 sets. I plan on using these for organizing in my 6-year old’s room. We are going to get her a desk and maybe a small book case. These will be perfect for her odds and ends. They come in 4 colors: this pretty lagoon blue, a dark red, brown, or black




I managed to score one of these collapsible totes for $9. It’s WAY bigger than I imagined it would be for $9.  21.5” L x 11.5” W x 13” H. It folds flat in 3 seconds and it sets up in 4 seconds. It has movable metal arms that assist in the set up/collapse. The canvas is heavy and the internal structure is metal. My *ONLY* complaint (and really, come on, it was $9) is the handles have plastic length adjusters. The plastic makes it only slightly less cute, but it’s functional and huge enough to overlook that.

This would be great for groceries, organizing the trunk, as a pool bag or something to tote all of the sports gear for your kiddos!



I got 2 of these Large Rattique baskets. They have kind of a resin feel, definitely not wood. But still pretty and woven. I feel like this would work really well as bathroom counter storage (where it could be exposed to water without worry).

13.78 x 6.3 x 6.1 inches



This might be my favorite item in the box. I got 2 of these Shoe Storage Boxes with lids. My 6 year old tried to claim them for herself. Sneaky girl. We both loved how these were collapsible and also hid the contents of the box with the lid. The lid is not a tight fitting or zipping thing, but it still works well to cover the items in storage.  I did not realize that this was Better Homes and Gardens brand when I bought it. I am really impressed with it. It’s pretty enough to house my crochet work on the book shelf in my family room. It does not need to be relegated to the closet or filled with shoes.

11.75″ x 11.75″ x 7.5″



I’ll let you know how these turn out. I got one set for $5 and one set for $12. The hope was to organize the baby’s drawers first, since they are the most out of control and the easiest to fix. If you want to see how the organizing goes, drop me a comment at the end and you *might* see it as a blog post soon.





I managed to find a coupon code for an extra 15% off of Bins and Containers (the code was BINS). My total, including shipping was $52.70 with no tax. It shipped the same day via UPS and I received it 5 days later. I’m very happy with my purchase and am looking forward to doing some organizing. Check out Tidy Living here: https://www.tidyliving.com/ or by clicking any of the item pictures for direct product links.

Let me know if you get anything. And, make sure you follow us on Facebook for more deals and product reviews.



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