4 Reasons Buying in Bulk Online is Better Than at Discount Stores

Buying in bulk is such an economic no-brainer. Your non-perishable items can cost up to 50% less when you buy large quantities at one time. Provided you have the storage space, take advantage of discounts on your favorite items!

Beyond just buying in bulk, I advocate buying in bulk ONLINE. Here are 4 advantages to buying in bulk through Amazon.com vs the traditional discount store.


1. Kid’s take up 70% of the cart

If you are like me, you always have at least one kid in tow. In particular, my smallest little is in an infant carrier car seat. I try to avoid the tediousness of inserting and removing my child from her car seat whenever possible. She is not the most understanding person when it comes to being put in her car seat. I try to reason with her, but… yeah… she’s a baby. So, whenever I am shopping I place the entire infant carrier in the cart. (Not on the top, as that is not safe). That leaves me with the top basket and about 2 inches of room around the car seat to fill my cart. So pretty much there is room for a box of cereal and a pack of crackers in the main basket of the cart. If you are buying in bulk, those packages are … well… bulky. No room for bulk and baby. Not ideal. Skip the in-person bulk purchases and have someone deliver them to your house (leaving precious room in the cart for your secret stash of Chips Ahoy).

2. No impulse buys

At bulk discount stores, you may be temped by the copious amounts of free samples and shiny displays. When bulk buying online, you are less likely to be dazzled by an endcap with a nice looking product on it. You also are less likely to purchase an item that you clicked on because you have more time to think about the purchase if you are sitting at home on your PC or phone.

3. Subscribe and Save

There is nothing better than having someone else remember something for you. Off loading … errrr … delegating to others is the sign of a good leader. There are certain items that are so easy to delegate. For instance, diapers, wipes, toilet paper, and paper towels are all things that you don’t need to spend time thinking about. Signing up for “Subscribe and Save” will not only give you an additional discount on products, but also will send them at the designated time frame (every month/2 months/etc). Set it and forget it.

3. Shopping in your pjs

If you go out shopping in your pajamas, ¬†you are likely also sporting unkempt hair and a questionable teeth-brushing job. You are also sure to meet every single person you have ever known and their mom. Your boss, an old flame, the PTO president. It’s like there is a mass email that goes out that you will be at the store in this super vulnerable capacity. Ordering your bulk items online lets you do that pajama shopping – bra-less … glass of wine in hand – and no one will know or judge.


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