Why You Need Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime – Modern Time and Money Saver

Guest blogger, Matt Brohm, with his take on the ways Amazon Prime will improve your life:

With all the hectic back and forth in our daily lives, it’s no wonder simple things like trips to the grocery store can easily fall through the cracks. What’s worse than coming home after a long, busy day only to find out there’s no more Cheerios for the kiddos in the morning? Yikes. Luckily for us, we’re living in the dawn of a new era. Companies the world over are starting to experiment with new systems and technologies that promise to change the way we shop.

One of the companies leading this charge is online retailer Amazon.com. From a humble online book retailer to a global sales powerhouse, anything and everything you can think of can be found there. Launching Amazon Prime in 2005, the company has been constantly evolving, tweaking, and optimizing this service to try and make our everyday lives easier.

More recently, Amazon has been branching out with new offerings within the Prime Membership arena. Some of these include entertainment options such as Prime Video, Prime Reading, and Prime Music. However, where Amazon has really been shining lately is in the Amazon Family and Prime Pantry services. Included with your Amazon Prime membership is access to thousands and thousands of products we all use. Special “Prime Only” deals pop up daily. The best part? It’s economical, fast, and convenient!

Amazon Family

Amazon Family is a one-stop shop for your little ones. From toys and books to clothing and daily necessities, you’ll find just about anything you might need. The page is very neatly categorized and navigation is a breeze. Included on the page is a link to Subscribe and Save – this is a great Amazon service that lets you save big (up to 20%!) on many of your most commonly used items. Diapers and Wipes are a HUGE selling point for Amazon Family. Subscribe and Save lets you choose products you use the most, determine a scheduled replacement period that works for you, and the address you would like the items shipped to (shipped free of charge). If you have at least 5 items per month, you earn an extra 15% off. It’s as easy as that!

Prime Pantry

Prime Pantry is a borderline replacement for your local grocery store. You can choose from thousands upon thousands of items and have them shipped right to your front door. Daily essentials, snacks, food and beverage, cleaning supplies – Prime Pantry has it all. Just select your items to fill your box (up to a 45lb maximum), and they ship for a reasonable flat fee of $5.99. Prime Pantry also runs weekly deals and coupons. You can even qualify for free shipping if your box includes 5 qualifying items (which change regularly).

Though there is a cost associated with an Amazon Prime membership ($99 per year at the time of this writing), it’s easy to see how many options and benefits are included. For all the simplicity, convenience, and stress-relief it can offer to our otherwise crazy lives, it’s a small price to pay! For a 30 day free trial of Prime and all it’s benefits, click the link below!