The Simplest Way to Save $150

One of my biggest pet peeves (and now that I am thinking about it I have quite a few pet peeves) is when people have a cracked cell phone screen. I mean, like it or not, this 6.5 inch piece of glass, plastic, and metal is your lifeline to the outside world. It connects you with family, friends, telemarketers … all the important people in your life. Watching someone squint through a cracked screen to eek out the details from their latest email or news article drives me up a wall. Worse, they try to show me a YouTube video on their phone. No… I can’t… focus…. big … spidery… screen crack.

Fixing it

If you are clumsy like me, you have dropped your cell phone more times than you can count. Or, you know, the baby tosses it across the room with impressive force because you put the lock screen on before she could text your ex, boss, and mom an embarrassing selfie you took. Before you know it, there is an impact crack on your phone that spiders across your beautiful, several hundred dollar screen. NO!!!

Not to worry though, there are places just about everywhere who will fix  your cracked cell phone screen for $100 – $150. (!!!!!) I know. This is no small chunk of change. Plus, you have to drop off said precious lifeline for an hour or more to have them fix it. I don’t know about you, but I feel completely lost without my phone in my pocket. I panic if it’s not there. Sometimes I panic that I can’t find it and then realize it’s in my hand! (Wait, what?)

But why even go through that in the first place?

Tempered Glass

Two words. Tempered. Glass. Tempered Glass screen protectors take less than 2 minutes to put on, do not cause issues with your ability to swipe, make your screen look just as beautiful, and cost $2 – $10. If you drop your phone, the tempered glass will absorb the impact and your screen will not crack. The screen protector will crack instead, keeping your screen perfectly safe. If you crack the screen protector? You’re out $2 – $10… not $150. It’s kind of a no-brainer.

So if you are not willing to live dangerously when it comes to your phone, please, get yourself a tempered glass screen protector. Here is the one I have on my phone now. Less than $8 for 2. You’re welcome 😉


$7.99 for 2 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for your iPhone 6